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Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Update

Avid home cooks wouldn’t mind staying in a beautiful kitchen with a lovely palette theme, lots of storage and matching furniture. So, who wants to ring in the new year with a contemporary kitchen? I do! And I’ve got a few modern kitchen ideas to turn your dated space into a stylish haven.

How to Apply a Modern Kitchen Design

Designers would probably define modern kitchen ideas in many ways. However, in general, modern kitchens involve clean lines, an efficient layout, sufficient storage, neutral colours and ample lighting. Certain accents or finishes also add a contemporary touch to your makeover. Here are some things you can include in your project checklist.

Enhance kitchen functionality

Among many modern kitchen ideas, this one is my favourite. Instead of focusing on adding decorative accessories to every corner, improving its functionality lets you cook more efficiently. Kitchen tools are easy to find and access. You get to increase your storage or counter space and lessen clutter, too. These solutions should help you achieve your dream functional kitchen.

Reduce the size or amount of your appliances

Having several kitchen appliances can be troublesome, especially if you don’t use them often. So, evaluate your existing collection and see if you have things you can dispose of or resell. Prioritise multipurpose appliances or, if possible, choose smaller replacements.

Go for open shelving

Some people may be hesitant to apply this modern design scheme as it can make kitchens look messy. But by choosing the right appliances, bowls and cookware to put on display, you can give character to your space minus the clutter. I especially like this idea to showcase stacks of beautiful bowls and china or rows of colourful enamelled pots. Also, instead of adding new shelves, you can refurbish your cupboards by taking the cabinet doors out, sanding them down and repainting them.

Increase drawer space with a pegboard

If you often have a hard time finding your peeler in your drawer, installing a pegboard should help. This idea can declutter your drawer and work as a kitchen décor at the same time. As a bonus, you get an extra storage space. You can paint wooden pegboards to match your kitchen theme if you want or use metal ones for easy clean-up. Adding small hooks should keep your kitchen essentials in order. But for large items, you can add shelves on the board, too.

Install a suspended dish rack

If you have a small kitchen, there are ways to make it more spacious. One of which is to reduce the things stored on your benchtop. Drying racks, for instance, can take up a lot of space. But placing them above kitchen sinks is a smart solution. You can even take the DIY path and make a wooden rack yourself. Store-bought metal racks, however, are easier to install.

Orenda Home Garden_Modern Kitchen Ideas with Farmhouse Elements

Use contrasting colours or textures

Monochrome kitchens look orderly, but they can also feel boring. Choosing the right colour combinations can give a plain-looking kitchen some edge. Contrasting textures should also add interest and character to your space. Here are design concepts to try without having to go all metal and futuristic.

Pair marble benchtops with an all-white kitchen

If you want a clean and minimalist kitchen, elegant marble is an excellent material to use. It comes in different hues that will not outshine your white painted walls and kitchen cabinets. I like marble countertops, too, as they are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Use dark colours with neutral hues

Neutral kitchen colour palettes like beige and grey are best. They make the space look calm and clean. These colours also blend well with almost any décor or appliance. But to give them dimension, try mixing them with rich or bold shades like matte black paint, royal blue or teal. You can use these colours for your open shelves, kitchen island or bar stools. Then wrap it up with a touch of green using potted plants or flowers.

Achieve the farmhouse vibe with modern features

Textures like copper cookware, brass light fixtures or leather stools would look striking with blonde timber benchtops, porcelain sink and wooden cabinets. With these contrasting elements, you can achieve an updated look for your kitchen while keeping its rustic charm.

Orenda Home Garden_Modern Kitchen Ideas with Stylish Splashback

Add statement accents

Modern kitchen ideas should have the wow factor. They make even regular paint colours or kitchen layouts look spectacular. More importantly, you can incorporate these to your existing kitchen interiors without spending a lot.

Accentuate with metallic fixtures

Shiny metal tapware, cabinet handles or utensils can make a big difference to your kitchen. They can effortlessly make your kitchen look clean, brand new and expensive. Rose gold, silver and copper are your best options.

Install eye-catching light fittings

Luxurious chandeliers are not limited to living rooms. They are just as grand in large kitchen spaces, too. But if this option is too bold for you, pendant lights would work wonders as well. You can complement these with other masculine details like white cabinets and black benchtops. Modern country-style kitchens, on the other hand, look exceptional with period-inspired lighting.

Invest in a stylish splashback

A splashback is a surface behind your sink or stovetop to protect your kitchen wall from splashes and grease. And as it is a tiny area, you can be as creative here without going overboard. If your budget allows it, granite, glass or stainless steel gives kitchen splashbacks an instant modern redo. Tiles and acrylic are your less expensive options. You can paint your splashback tiles, too. Just make sure to go for light colours to avoid making your kitchen look cramped.

These kitchen design ideas will surely inspire anyone to start home cooking! But if you prefer quick changes, check out this list of simple updates without going on an all-out kitchen renovation.

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