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7 Secrets to Make Kitchens Look Expensive

We all love the idea of working in a beautifully constructed kitchen – one with modern appliances, shiny stovetop and lots of storage. Yet most of us have to make do with our ordinary home kitchen and all its quirks. But with a few smart changes, we can easily make kitchens look expensive and achieve that dream space.

And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune for a swoon-worthy kitchen. While remodelling this area is one of the costly home upgrades, there are ways to do them even when you’re on a budget. Here are some clever tricks that can uplift your kitchen (and make it your favourite area in the house) in no time.

Easy Ways to Make Kitchens Look Expensive

Before making lovely changes to your kitchen, make sure to give it a quick evaluation. Spot glaring problem areas first and find the best solution to address them. If you’re shopping on a budget, set a price limit to items that you need to avoid overspending.

Also, you don’t have to go on a full-scale makeover if your kitchen doesn’t need it. A few improvements here and there go a long way. And you can always renovate it further when you’ve got more resources. Here are kitchen upgrade ideas you can do or use as inspiration for future renovations. Some won’t even cost you a thing!

1. Pick a lighter palette.

Light colours will work wonders to your kitchen in many ways. For one, they reflect more light, so the area looks brighter and spacious. Open spaces make kitchens look expensive. Also, it’s one way to conceal the scratches on your benchtop, dents on the cabinet and other imperfections.

Champagne, cream, grey, white, silver and gold are some light colours that suggest a luxurious vibe. Of course, you don’t have to apply a monochrome design to your kitchen. The key here is choosing the right combination. For example, white, cream and beige are neutral colours that blend in well with most of your existing cabinets and flooring. Also, to add diversity to your design, try putting gloss, matte or distressed finishes together. You may want to consult an interior designer for this or get inspiration from apps like Pinterest.

2. Upgrade light fixtures.

I like upgrading rooms with the right light fixture because it’s not only functional but also stylish. And lights come in so many designs to match your kitchen interior and budget. Pendant-type lights look excellent in modern kitchens, while chandeliers add classic elegance.

Aside from overhead lighting, you may also want to consider placing under-cabinet lights. LED ropes or strips available in the market are inexpensive and easy to install – perfect for a kitchen renovation on a budget. These fixtures are great for lighting up your prep area as well as dusty corners that need some cleaning.

3. Replace worn-out hardware.

Changing the pulls and knobs of your existing cabinets and drawers can instantly improve your kitchen even without spending a lot. When you do this upgrade, go for a coordinated look and choose those with a stainless-steel finish for long-lasting quality. You can do this for your light switch plates, too.

A shiny, new faucet can also brighten up your sink area. Make sure to keep your kitchen sink free from stains, too. And if you have extra money to spend, it’s a good idea to invest in a faucet that will last longer and add style to your kitchen at the same time.

If you’re planning to replace your kitchen cabinets, I recommend choosing those with glass doors. Glass opens up small spaces and gives them a contemporary appeal. Also, if you have a collection of porcelain china or glass stemware, glass cabinet doors are ideal for putting them on display.

4. Set up a breakfast nook.

If you have an existing kitchen island for food prep, make it multipurpose by turning it into a breakfast nook or bar with stools. Having this spot in your kitchen maximises the space and allows you to unwind or entertain guests. It also gives the impression of a well-thought-out, high-end design.

5. Keep your fridge door clean.

Decorating your fridge door with colourful magnets, lovely family photos and your kids’ artwork adds a personalised touch to home kitchens. But it can also make the space look chaotic. If you’re vying for a luxe kitchen space, it’s best to keep your mementos and clear off your fridge door. You can also pick a few simple magnets and photos to retain and create a less messy look.

6. Reduce clutter.

Mess does not help make kitchens look expensive. So, dedicate a storage place for appliances that you do not use often. Pick coordinated stoneware or glass jars that you intend to keep on your benchtop for a clean look. Use a sink caddy and utensil tray to organise your cleaning and cooking tools. You can also add inner shelves or racks to your cabinets to keep your kitchen neat inside and out.

7. Use natural décor.

Finally, add a touch of nature to liven up your kitchen. Hanging plants are perfect for small kitchens, so they don’t take up space. Small potted plants like herbs are great for windowsills. They’re decorative, functional and even keep your kitchen smelling fresh. You can also add colour to your kitchen island using a bowl filled with fruits. It’s great for healthy snacking, too!

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