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Orenda Home Garden_Steps to Build an Outdoor Pergola

How to Build a Wooden Outdoor Pergola

If you’re looking for ways to add value to your home, don’t limit yourself to kitchen renovations or room additions. Your backyard is a perfect spot for remodelling, too. Building an outdoor pergola, for example, is a cost-efficient structure that will give you shade and boost your home’s appeal!

Orenda Home Garden_Sustainable Materials Plastic Windows

8 Sustainable Materials for Home Construction

The increase in housing needs and the global warming issue put our environment at risk. But we can do something to keep everything balanced. Choosing sustainable materials for building or expanding our home, for instance, is one effective solution. Here are some green materials to let you enjoy your new home the eco-friendly and guilt-free way!

Orenda Home Garden_Steps for Timber Floor Repair

Warped Wood: 5 Steps for Timber Floor Repair

A hardwood floor adds value to any home. It’s long-lasting and makes any room look stunning. That is, until it gets in contact with its one true nemesis: moisture. Water accumulation then leads to the dreadful warped wood, where your once beautiful flooring now has bumps and grooves. It looks unappealing for sure, but buckling can be repaired and avoided. Here are the essentials …

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