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6 Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Kitchen

Spring cleaning may be a habit of sprucing up our living spaces to welcome the warmer months. But I think deep cleaning the house can happen even if winter is over. So, why not start cleaning your kitchen before the year ends? It’s the perfect way to start the new year right and refresh your kitchen after all that holiday cooking! Here are some tasks you can include to your spring-cleaning checklist.

1. Wipe and Degrease Your Kitchen Cabinets

First things first: empty your drawers, benchtops and kitchen cupboards. Place your kitchen accessories and crockery in boxes or in one corner, or wash them if necessary. You can dispose of broken appliances, then donate or sell items that you do not need.

Next, it’s time to remove all that dust and grime stuck to your kitchen cabinets, backsplash and exhaust hood. Make sure to clean the knobs, handles and other high-touch areas. You can use store-bought cleaners or check out this article for a list of homemade degreasers.

2. Sort and Label Your Food Supplies

While air-drying your cleaned kitchen surfaces, you can start sorting through your pantry supplies. Throw away items that are past their expiration dates, and put leftovers in jars or canisters.

Glass containers are best as you won’t need to label them. But I do like to put labels on my spice and herb jars, though, so I can easily find them. This way, I will not accidentally pick up a bottle of cayenne when I need paprika!

When ready, you can group your food supplies in categories and put them back to your kitchen cupboards. Items that you use often can stay on your benchtop if you like. When everything’s in order, you can do the same thing to your fridge.

Remove its contents, defrost if necessary, then throw away out-of-date food items. Wipe down your fridge’s exterior and handwash its compartments or shelves before putting everything back inside. And while you’re at it, make a list of the things you need to buy for your next grocery run.

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3. Scrub Your Kitchen Appliances

Your oven is likely to take a beating after all that Christmas roasting and baking. So, give it the spa treatment it deserves by turning on its self-cleaning function. If your oven does not have one, don’t worry. All you need are some dish towels dipped in hot water. Place them over the baked-on grime, and give it a few minutes to soften before scrubbing with soapy water.

Meanwhile, you can check on your microwave and dishwasher and give them some thorough spring cleaning, too. Wash the grates and wipe down your electric stovetop surface as well. Also, clean up your toaster oven and descale your kettle or coffee maker if you have to.

4. Polish Your Sink and Benchtops

When was the last time you’ve cleaned up your kitchen sink? Well, now is the perfect time to polish it and free it from tough stains! The benchtop next to it needs some thorough cleaning, too. Spend extra cleaning time here as this is where most of your prep work happens, making it a potential breeding ground for bacteria and moulds. To avoid recontamination, make sure to replace your old sponges and use microfiber cloths instead. Rubbing lemon wedges against the surface also helps in removing off-odours.

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5. Clean Up Pots and Cutting Boards

After spending so much time cooking, we tend to finish our clean up in a hurry. So, during spring cleaning, give your pots and pans some love. Use the right cleaning solutions to remove smells and stains. These cleaning tips for stainless-steel and cast-iron pans should help, too. For your cutting boards, make sure to follow the instructions for proper care. Rubbing mineral oil on your wooden chopping board should protect it from drying out and cracking.

6. Wash Your Waste Bins and Reusable Bags

Lastly, make sure to empty your waste bins to avoid lingering smells. Wash and rinse them out, too, to prevent pest infestation. If you have eco-friendly bags at home, they may be reusable, but they also get dirty with time. So, check if you need to throw them in the washing machine. After all, shopping is way better with a fresh-smelling bag in tow.

Now, you don’t have to do all your kitchen spring cleaning tasks in one go. Make a schedule and break down your activities in sections, depending on your daily or weekly free time. Also, try to make a kitchen cleaning checklist that you can accomplish daily. Make it a habit to mop your kitchen floor, wipe your benchtop and clean the sink. This way, spring cleaning time won’t be such a drag!

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