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Budget Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home

If you use home renovation shows or decorating ideas on Pinterest as your inspiration to refresh your home, chances are you end up not giving it a makeover at all. All that expensive furniture, appliances and branded accessories don’t match with your limited budget. But with these budget decorating ideas, plus a little time and creativity, you can spruce up any space for less. Some won’t even cost you a thing.

What Budget Decorating Ideas Can I Do at Home?

While you can always make new furniture or a home decorator do the work for you, taking the less inexpensive path is at times smarter. Always remember that posh doesn’t mean extra cost. Budget decorating ideas help you achieve an Instagram-worthy space without spending a lot. More importantly, being involved in the decorating process encourages you to think out of the box and let your creativity flow. After decorating, the finished room reflects your ideas, hard work and sense of style. It’s a fulfilling experience that no expensive couch or coffee table can match! Here are the ways to bring out the designer in you.

Clean Up and Declutter

Here is a starting point that doesn’t cost much: clean your house. Visible dust, grime and stains can make any space look unattractive and unhappy. So, spend some time dusting and vacuuming each room. If possible, make these tasks a part of your weekly routine to prevent dirt from building up. Also, make sure to wash stained rugs and clean your windows to let sunlight in.

And while you’re at it, check the shelves and drawers for knick-knacks that you can dispose of, reuse or sell. Outdated or damaged items will only collect dust and make your space look messy. Aside from getting rid of clutter, make use of cord concealers to hide wires of appliances for an effortlessly cleaner look.

Reorganise Your Furniture

Home decorating doesn’t always need new furniture. In most cases, all you need is to start “shopping your house”. Look for pieces that are blocking traffic or a great view. Perhaps, you need to transfer some side tables or bookshelves to another room, so your area looks more spacious and inviting. Rather than buy more furniture to clutter your home, evaluate the pieces that you have and see which one can stay or go. This decorating technique may need planning and time but will also help you save money. Putting extra furniture on a garage sale may even let you earn extra cash.

Upcycle and Repurpose

After decluttering and moving your furniture, you may still have a few old pieces that you’d rather keep. Time to do some upcycling! Give your vintage furniture a new life with a little craftwork and paint. Turn an old dresser into an elegant sink vanity. Use drawers as shelves that you can mount on the wall. A rusty bathroom rack is perfect as a pantry organiser or plant holder.

The patterns of old textiles or fabrics can also brighten up your space. For example, you can hang an antique rug as wall décor. This way, the floor is easier to clean while a vacant wall space looks livelier. If you have an old couch or chair at home, use scarves or blankets as slipcovers. These will help achieve a coordinated look and keep your prized upholstery looking brand new.

Shop at Second-Hand Stores

If your home needs more than repurposed furniture, a flea market is brimming with budget decorating ideas and finds to tickle your creativity. Cheap home decor like a crate or trunk makes a beautiful side table. You can check the homewares section, too, for baskets, glass jars or tin cans that you can use for organising. Second-hand shops have old textiles that you can use as art, cushion covers, curtains and more. Vintage lampshades are also great pieces to brighten up and add character to your space.

Add Elements of Comfort

Soft homeware items can make a space look luxurious and comfortable at the same time. So, give your bathroom the spa-like treatment by swapping discoloured towels with fluffy ones. Adorn your couch with plush, large throw pillows. Treat your windows with cotton or linen curtains, with the panels raised to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Then choose simple, white covers for your bed to keep your bedroom looking fresh and clean.


Small details go a long way. Budget decorating ideas like potted flowers or a row of growing herbs on your windowsill work wonders. Faux plants can also add colour without the garden work. A simple table runner or bowl of fruit makes a great centrepiece. Inexpensive room diffusers or scented candles not only get rid of unpleasant odours but also add warmth and cosiness. Happy family photos are better wall accents than expensive paintings. When accessorising, think of what will blend well into your space and bring out its best.

With simple decorating ideas put together, styling any spot at home will be a cinch. Why not test out your newfound skills in the kitchen? I’ve got some useful techniques to help you update it without renovation and make it look expensive!

Lachlan Grattan

When I finally have the home of my dreams, my garden and home became and oasis and a place of self-expression. I love adding touches around the house to improve the living space and garden area. It’s my shelter, after all, and I want it to be as cozy as possible. I created Orenda Home & Garden as a go-to resource for my readers who wants to get ideas, inspiration or tips to make their home better and more comfortable.