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7 Ideas to Improve a Small Laundry Room

Like most people, washing and ironing clothes are not on the top of my most favourite chores list. And doing them in a tight space that looks like a dumping ground doesn’t help either. But reorganising and tidying up your small laundry room can change all that. Here’s how.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

The first thing you want to do for your small laundry room makeover is to assess your space and list down the essentials. A washing machine, dryer and ironing board should be included, of course. Then think how to squeeze in a hamper, drying rack, laundry sink and some storage cabinets.

Next, plan your layout so you can have a place for everything. It can be challenging for small spaces, though. But these laundry room ideas and tips should help you maximise every nook and cranny.

1. Deck the walls with new paint or wallpaper

Why do most laundry rooms look dark and drab? Try to break away from this tradition, clean up the windows and let as much natural light fill the space, so it appears bigger. Adding better light fixtures can brighten it up, too. But if you want to liven the room more, painting the walls or adding wallpaper is an inexpensive way to do it. Here are my recommendations for inspiration:

  • Use wallpaper to highlight open shelving.
  • Go for light neutral colours to keep things bright and chic.
  • Or choose blue plaint to make the room calm and clean.
  • Pick chalk paint, so you don’t have to prime anything.
  • Get creative by using stencil designs or vinyl decals.

2. Think vertical and stack things up

A small laundry room lacks ample floor space. So, make the most of your vertical space by stacking things on top of each other. It’s one of the advantages of having a front-loading machine and dryer. You can do this trick for your laundry storage as well.

For example, if there is an extra space above your cabinets, use that for storing laundry supplies and other things you don’t use often. Decorative baskets can spruce up this space at the same time. Alternatively, stackable plastic containers are great options, too.

Orenda Home Garden_Storage Solutions for a Small Laundry Room

3. Make the most of the walls and doors

If you have no space for lots of storage, then it’s time to get creative. With walls surrounding the room, you have more than enough areas for installing open shelves, hooks or hanging wire baskets. You can do the same for your main door or cabinet doors. If shelves or racks are too bulky, a wall pegboard is also an excellent option. This way, small items are easily accessible, plus the adjustable hooks make storage easy to customise.

Do you have a space behind the door or a gap between your washer and dryer units? Both are ideal for vertical, narrow storage options like a ladder for hanging towels or rags and a sliding cart for laundry care items. You can also have an open shelf or rack above your washer – perfect for keeping detergents, bleach and stain removers together.

4. Have a storage area for an ironing board

Here’s another laundry essential that make the most of discarded spaces. Thanks to its slim form, you can easily slide and hide an ironing board in between gaps. If you’re living in a small household, you can also opt for a small ironing board that you can store inside the cabinet.

You can also put your DIY skills to use and build a pull-out drawer or wall cabinet to hide a foldable board. Or better yet, create a wheeled laundry room island and use the ironing board for its top, which can double as a folding table. Then add drawers or shelves at the bottom to complete your space-efficient, multipurpose furniture.

5. Choose an extendable drying rack

Fixed furniture in a small laundry room can be bulky, hard to move around and get in the way. So, find smart ways to keep them out of sight. For instance, collapsible clothes airers are readily available and easy to stash away.

Other great designs are those that you can install on the wall like an accordion-like or pull-down drying rack. If you love building drawers from scratch, you can replace their bottom with wooden rods to make a pull-out rack.

Orenda Home Garden_How to Organise a Small Laundry Room

6. Get space-saving hampers

We use hampers for picking up dirty laundry off the floor and bringing them back to our cabinets after washing. But they can also take up floor or cabinet space. One thing you can do is to look for silicone or fabric hampers that fold flat. A wheeled or rolling hamper is another alternative that you can push back to one corner when not in use.

7. Declutter and organise

Any room, no matter how small, looks so much better when it’s clean and orderly. So, wrap up your laundry room transformation with some dusting and mopping. Take out non-laundry-related items like kids’ toys, garden tools and appliances that no longer work.

Next, store detergent, bleach and other supplies in clear jars or dispensers. Place them near your washer for easy access. Label your hampers and plastic baskets. Then group small items and corral them in open containers. You can even add some accents like small potted plants before finally admiring your work.

Now, how about planning your next reorganising project, like adding plenty of storage to your small bathroom maybe?

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