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7 Plant Gift Ideas to Charm Your Valentine

Instead of sticking to the Valentine tradition of giving a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not impress loved ones with potted garden gifts? These will brighten up any space and keep on giving, with the right amount of TLC. From lasting blooms to heart-shaped leaves, here are my plant gift ideas that are just as swoon-worthy!

1. Pretty Cyclamen

Cyclamen loves cooler temperatures and blooms during winter in Australia. If the weather gets too warm, its leaves will start to wilt and become yellow. When this happens, it’s best to move it indoors. Make sure to water it at the soil level, position it somewhere with indirect light and fertilise it every month.

Yes, it needs a little extra care to grow. But when successful, cyclamen rewards you with beautiful flowers in red, pink, white, purple or lavender. The heart-shaped leaves with silver or grey variegation make it even more striking. If you’re giving it as a plant gift, place it in decorative baskets or planters. Also, plant tri-colour combinations of cyclamen to make it extra special.

2. Long-Lasting Orchids

What’s not to love about orchids? They’re vibrant, exotic and elegant. The gorgeous flowers can last for months, too, making it worth more than any bouquet. Phalaenopsis or moth orchids are readily available and easy to grow. Though they are tropical plants, they can thrive indoors in a well-lit spot and with daily misting.

Orchids are a symbol of fertility in China, which makes them perfect for the love month. Also, did you know that their colours have symbolic meanings? For instance, red signifies affection, purple stands for respect, while orange means strength. If you want to greet new couples or newlyweds a Happy Valentine’s Day, send them yellow orchids as a plant gift, to wish them happiness and new beginnings.

Orenda Home Garden_Hoya Plant Gift for Valentines Day

3. Sweet Hoya Plant

If you’re starting a new relationship with someone, here’s one way to showcase your charming and no-fuss personality. Send your Valentine a pot of hoya as a plant gift. This heart-shaped succulent will look adorable on anyone’s desk, side table or windowsill. As long as your non-green-thumb partner don’t overwater it, this sweetheart plant is practically indestructible. Alternatively, give them three pots of this adorable cactus to express your love!

4. Alluring Anthurium

If you want to give the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers, a pot of anthurium is naturally romantic. It’s probably one of the few plants with hearts for both flowers and leaves. The blooms are exceptionally shiny and luxurious. And they come in traditional Valentine colours, too: red, pink and white.

Like orchids, anthurium flowers stay fresh for weeks. With proper care, light and humidity, the plant can last for years as well. What better way to declare your undying love to your partner than with this plant gift, right?

5. Fragrant Jasmine

Jasmine originated in many regions of Asia and used to grace many occasions. For instance, Indonesia uses it for weddings, while The Philippines makes jasmine garlands for religious ceremonies. It also symbolises motherly love among Thais.

Its sweet-smelling scent is probably the reason why some consider it an aphrodisiac. The star-shaped flowers also bloom and release their fragrance at night, adding to its sultry nature. Jasmine now has modern cultivars that can grow in other regions outside Asia. A pot should thrive indoors during the colder months and bloom happily in spring and summer.

Orenda Home Garden_Philodendron Plant Gift for Valentines Day

6. Heart Ferns and Heartleaf Philodendron

If your sweetheart is not a flower fan, the heart fern is a great choice. This dwarf plant is ideal for bringing greenery indoors. The glossy heart-shaped leaves perched on thin black stems make this plant a standout. To transform it into a Valentine present, plant it in an apothecary jar for a thoughtful DIY terrarium.

But if you need large indoor plants, you can add the heartleaf philodendron to your selection. This plant adorns the home with a lovely trail of dangling heart-shaped leaves. It’s a fast-growing plant and an excellent starter for beginners, family or friends. Make sure to add a card asking its happy recipient to mist it regularly.

7. Delicate Lily of the Valley

Finally, I like giving well-thought-out plant gifts with a little history attached to them. It makes the present more meaningful for the receiver. For instance, if you intend to get back with a former partner, a pot with lily of the valley is the perfect gift.

During Victorian times, people gave these delicate flowers so the other person can return to happiness. They also symbolise purity, sweetness and humility. As for me, the lovely scent of its bell-like blooms is enough to make anyone break into a sweet smile!

Now, don’t limit your sweet plant lover self to decorative houseplants. If your partner prefers to celebrate V-day with party drinks, check out this list of herbs to start growing a cocktail garden together!

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