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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

A small bathroom space and lots of clutter don’t mix. But squeezing in storage options in an already tiny room can be challenging. So, I’ve rounded up a few excellent small bathroom storage solutions that work. These ideas should inspire and make you realise that even small bathrooms can be stylish and functional!

Go for all things tall and narrow

Small bathrooms typically lack floor space, leaving you no room for large cabinets. Choose tall and narrow storage units instead. These should have a small footprint and lots of shelves for organising. One good idea is to use a ladder. It fits right into small spaces without protruding much from the wall. You can use the rods for hanging towels, or the steps for putting storage baskets.

Choose multipurpose furniture

When working with a small bathroom, you can’t store towels in one cabinet and have a separate space for your other bath essentials. Or use the wall for shelves and still have room for all that décor. Clutter makes the room smaller. So, make sure your small bathroom storage ideas are multifunctional. Here are some examples:

  • Use a cabinet with a mirrored front. It’s perfect for storing medicines and checking yourself in the mirror before heading out.
  • Use drawers with flat tops. The drawers are great for keeping spare towels, while the top gives you more storage options.
  • Use wicker baskets. They’re lightweight, inexpensive and versatile. You can place them on your shelves or hang them on the wall. They are also beautiful and can double as your bathroom décor.
  • Use revolving organisers. If you have limited bathroom counter space, opt for rotating tiered organisers. They add style to your sink vanity and maximise vertical space. I also like repurposing an old lazy Susan for keeping my bathroom cleaning supplies. It keeps everything accessible and in one place.
  • Use glass food jars for small items. Cotton balls and buds look extra neat when stored in repurposed glass jars. They’re easy to locate and perfect for accentuating those shelves or countertop. Stackable plastic canisters are space-efficient and work well, too.

Put shower caddies

The shower area has several spots and corners to solve your small bathroom storage dilemma. However, if drilling into walls is out of the question, there’s always a shower caddy to the rescue. Look for a sturdy steel one with multi-tiered baskets that you can hang over your shower head. There are also freestanding shower caddies available for your bathtub or sink corners. These should keep those shampoo and body wash bottles off the shower floor.

Use a trolley

Bathroom cabinets or baskets are excellent storage solutions, but they often get in the way. Solve your problem with bulky and permanent organisers with a trolley. It’s easy to move around and has lots of space for your bathroom supplies. If you don’t want to buy a new trolley, second-hand stores should have pre-loved bar carts that you can repurpose. The built-in wine rack should be perfect for your rolled-up towels!

Make the most of unused spaces

Another smart small bathroom storage tip is to turn ignored spaces into something useful. Check out these spots in your bathroom and see which one has storage potential:

  • Space on top and above your toilet. Forget about getting a toilet roll caddy if you have a small bathroom. Get a basket or rectangular container instead, place it on top of the toilet and use it to store your toilet paper. Then make use of the space above using an over-the-toilet storage rack.
  • Space on the bathroom door. Adhesive hooks on your door are excellent for hanging robes, towels, shower caps, brushes and more. A more durable alternative is a wall-mounted coat rack.
  • Space under the sink. If you don’t have storage under the bathroom sink, make use of baskets or containers. Choose ones with handles, so they are easy to pull out. Plastic containers are also ideal as they are light, easy to clean and moisture-resistant.
  • Space behind cabinet doors. Inside-cabinet storage ideas are an excellent trick for concealing clutter. You can install racks, hooks, rods, mesh pockets or pegboards at the back of your cabinets. Make sure that they are strong enough to hold the items you’re storing.

Install open shelves

If you think the wall space close to your bathroom ceiling or above the door has no purpose, then think again. A straight row of open shelves should make these spots perfect for storing things you don’t use often. Just make sure to have a step stool on standby. You can also use this area for displaying artificial greenery. Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean there’s no room for decorating. A little touch of greenery should make your small space look fresh and welcoming.

While adding these storage ideas to your bathroom, it’s always best to declutter at the same time. Trim down your bathroom items and keep only the essentials. Finally, always keep your bathroom clean. Hey, even a large bathroom with lots of storage spaces is no good if it’s grimy! And if you think your bathroom also needs a makeover, these renovation steps and tips should help give it a brand-new look.

Lachlan Grattan

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