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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for Busy People

A tight schedule shouldn’t get in the way of achieving a sparkling clean kitchen. Cleaning it for a few minutes every day should keep it looking and smelling fresh. A kitchen cleaning checklist is your secret weapon. Knowing the tasks at hand helps you stay focused and, eventually, make kitchen cleaning second nature!

Why Create a Kitchen Cleaning Checklist?

A kitchen cleaning checklist ensures that every spot is, well, spotless! It’s like having a grocery list: it helps you stay focused so you won’t forget anything. With our full-time job and busy schedules day after day, it is easy for us to get sidetracked. This list then is our key to get into the cleaning spirit and create a habit.

The kitchen is the heart of our home, after all. It’s a busy space where people go in and out, eat and run. Spills, crumbs and grime can quickly build up here if we don’t give it the daily pampering it needs. And the last thing we want is to let nasties thrive and put our family’s health at risk.

What Should Be in My Kitchen Cleaning Checklist?

Don’t worry, this task list is short and should only take a few minutes of your day, depending on the size of your kitchen. Tailor your daily tasks based on these essentials and quick cleaning tips. The weekly and monthly duties I recommended are perfect any time you’re up for some deep-cleaning action.

Wash all pots and dishes

A pile of dirty dishes is a traditional kitchen scenario. There are two main culprits for this problem. One is our habit of letting things soak overnight, and the other is yet another habit of keeping the dishwasher full. Here’s what you can do instead. Let the pots and pans soak while you enjoy your meal. Clean the pots and dishes in the dishwasher then empty it afterwards. This way, you won’t attract pests, and you have the sink or dishwasher ready when you need it.

TIP: If dinner isn’t ready yet in the next hour or so, find pockets of time in between to soak and wash what you can. Then include scrubbing stains and grease off your stovetop in your weekly schedule. These homemade degreasers and tips on how to clean a stove should come in handy!

Clean the kitchen sink

The sink can be a hotbed for bacteria if you do not wash and clean it regularly. In worst cases, it can give off unpleasant smells, leaving your entire kitchen smelling dirty. Ideally, clean your sink after using it to save time. Scrub off any food debris then give it a spray of your preferred cleanser or disinfectant. For a more effective clean-up, this article has a step-by-step guide on how to clean and polish stainless-steel sinks.

TIP: Sanitise your sponge every week by soaking it in bleach for a few minutes then replace it every three weeks. Make it a weekly habit to wash and change your kitchen towels or dishcloth, too.

Wipe the benchtops

Next, grab your spray of all-purpose cleaner and start wiping your benchtops clean. This surface is mainly for food prep, and keeping it clean helps prevent cross-contamination. And while you’re at it, you can rearrange those spice bottles and utensil jar on your counter, too. Give your kitchen drawer a quick check and put things in order if needed. A clean kitchen should also be clutter-free!

TIP: At the end of the week, empty your benchtop to disinfect it, including the corners and grout lines. Give the backsplash a good wiping as well. Then before returning your small appliances, wipe down their exterior to free lids and handles from germs or finger marks.

Sweep the kitchen floor

Sneaky snack eaters, young and old, can get crumbs on your pristine kitchen floor. All that cooking and heavy foot traffic can leave it dirty, too, by the end of the day. So, get a broom and give it a quick sweep. Doing this every day should prevent pests or insects from crawling out and snacking on your floor.

TIP: Vacuuming your kitchen floor to reach tight spots or corners should be on your weekly cleaning checklist. Make sure to mop it to wipe away stains, spills and splatters.

Empty the trash bin

No one wants to cook in a kitchen that smells like garbage. So, for your finale, check the bin and take the trash bag out. If you’re into recycling or making compost at home, make sure family members know how to segregate wastes, too.

TIP: Include the washing and disinfecting of the trash bin in your monthly tasks. This habit should further avoid bacteria from thriving. Also, it will be great if you can clear out your fridge and pantry every week. Go through your supplies and remove any expired food. This habit can also help reduce the food waste your home makes.

Make Kitchen Cleaning a Family Activity

While you have the kitchen cleaning checklist all planned out, cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo performance. Get everyone in the household involved! Divide your list of chores and have someone in charge of something. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach kids about household chores, too. Best of all, it will make quick work of your cleaning routine and let all of you enjoy a well-deserved family time!

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