Orenda Home Garden_Cyclamen Plant Gift for Valentines Day

7 Plant Gift Ideas to Charm Your Valentine

Instead of sticking to the Valentine tradition of giving a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not impress loved ones with potted garden gifts? These will brighten up any space and keep on giving, with the right amount of TLC. From lasting blooms to heart-shaped leaves, here are my plant gift ideas that are just as swoon-worthy!

Orenda Home Garden_Australian Native Plants Golden Wattle

Australian Native Plants for Home Gardening

If you’re thinking of giving your garden a makeover, why not create one that showcases the beauty of Australian native plants? They are locally available and will thrive in our climate and soil conditions. Plus, there is more than enough plant types to choose from, whether you need some for hedging or decorating. Reasons for Growing Australian Native Plants Caring for plants native to Australia not only …

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Orenda Home Garden_Garden Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Garden Gift Ideas for Green Thumbs to Make

Your thriving flower shrubs, herbs in pots and fruit trees are more than yard decor. They’re excellent materials for your thoughtful garden gift ideas this holiday season, too. The best presents to give, after all, are those that are grown and made by your hand!

Orenda Home Garden_Medicinal Herbs for Your Home Garden

6 Medicinal Herbs That You Can Grow and Eat

I like having a herb garden at home. But I especially love harvesting fresh herbs that I can use for cooking and relieving minor ailments. If you’re keen about medicinal herbs and their uses, then read on! This list might inspire you to start a botanical garden and create medicines from plants.