Orenda Home Garden_How to Use Baking Soda in the Garden

8 Surprising Uses of Baking Soda in the Garden

We know how beneficial bicarbonate soda can be when it comes to indoor cleaning and deodorising. But surprisingly, it is just as handy outdoors. From controlling weeds to treating fungal infections, here are other ways how you can use your box of baking soda in the garden.

Orenda Home Garden_Gardening Steps for Beginners

Gardening Steps and Tips for Beginners

Who doesn’t want a stunning garden in their porch or backyard? Harvesting flowers or vegetables you’ve grown yourself is a fulfilling experience you shouldn’t pass up. But not knowing where to begin often discourages gardeners-to-be. Fear not! All you need are these gardening steps and tips to bring out the green thumb in you.

Orenda Home Garden_How to Build a Hydroponics System at Home

How to Start a Hydroponics System in 3 Ways

If you do not have enough ground space to start a garden, try the hydroponics system. With this gardening style, you don’t need soil for planting to get a year-round supply of fresh produce. Plus, there are three easy ways how you can set one up at home.