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5 Study Room Ideas to Make Schoolwork Fun

Whether your kids are homeschooling or not, they need a dedicated study area. Their space, no matter how big or small, should be comfortable and well-stocked with school supplies. Ultimately, it should help develop good study habits and organisational skills that’ll come in handy as they grow older. Ready to spice up their homework time? Find inspiration from these study room ideas.

1. Choose an Ideal Location

Before buying a study table for kids or thinking about room designs, you need to look for the best area first. Of course, the choice will depend on the size of your home and, most importantly, your child’s needs. For instance, little ones who need more assistance are likely to feel comfortable studying in a communal area. Setting up your study room ideas in the kitchen or family room would be perfect in this case. Older children, on the other hand, prefer a quiet, more private space in their bedroom.

Make sure to consider what they want and need before deciding. But generally, the study area should fit a table and chair plus allow writing and storing school stuff in one place. Find an unused space and make the most of it. One of these study room ideas may suit your home setup.

Under-the-stairs study

If you only have one child and limited rooms at home, then a study nook under the stairs is the perfect spot. Install wall-mounted shelves and hooks on the stair wall to keep it clutter-free.

Homeschooling and home office combo

For parents working from home, create an area where you can accomplish office and schoolwork in one place. This way, you can make the most of one room and give your tiny tot a hand if needed.

Hallway school station

Shared study zones are great for homes with multiple kids. All you need is a long table, file cabinets underneath and a few comfy chairs. This setup allows your kids to bond after school and older siblings to help little ones with their homework.

Playroom extension

If most kids prefer to play than study, why not put the two together? Add a school zone to their play area, so young kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

At-home schoolroom

When your kids are older, turn their play area into a full schoolroom. This idea is best if the kids have small bedrooms and have no space for cabinets or bookshelves.

Orenda Home Garden_Study Room Ideas for Shared Spaces

2. Brighten the Area with Light and Colours

Study room ideas for kids don’t have to be all stiff and boring. On the contrary, the study space needs to feel bright, comfortable and welcoming. Hey, studying is hard work! And like us adults, the kids have to be in the right environment to keep productivity up. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make the most of natural light. A study area that’s too dark will only make your students at home feel sleepy. So, if possible, position their desk by the window for proper lighting. A desk lamp is also perfect for finishing school work at night.
  • Choose bright colour schemes. Light blue, yellow, green and similar shades set the mood for studying. These also make the room look sunny all day to keep kids focused and alert. On the other hand, neutral colours are timeless and ensure the study room grows with your kids.
  • Bring nature indoors. Kids love the zoo, park and all things outdoors. And decorating their study room with a couple of potted plants should encourage an energetic vibe. A nature-themed wallpaper paired with wooden furniture should work great, too.

3. Pick Dual-Purpose Study Furniture and Accents

When picking out excellent study room ideas for your kids, it’s best to go for multipurpose ones. This tip is useful when you don’t have a big spare room at home. These suggestions might help and even inspire DIYers:

  • Build a bed and study room combo. A loft-type bed and a study desk underneath is a great space-saving design. It’s perfect for teens who love spending their study time in their rooms and for little ones who enjoy treehouses!
  • Make the walls study-friendly. We can’t stop our little Picassos from decorating (ruining) our walls. So, solve it by installing a blackboard wall for them to use. A corkboard wall is another alternative for pinning artwork, pictures and school reminders. Adding a mural or wall stickers of the world map or solar system should suit your pint-sized explorers, too.
  • Use functional study room decoration. Add a bean bag or fabric tepee for taking a break. Place a soft rug for reading and playing. Have a trolley for storing colouring materials or doing artwork anywhere.

Orenda Home Garden_Study Room Ideas with Blackboard Wall

4. Provide for Shelves and Organisers

Kids have a lot of school stuff, and most of the time, that also means lots of clutter. So, to keep learning fun and mess-free, make sure to have ample space for storing books, papers and school supplies. Teaching the kids early how to organise their things should help them practice time management and keep tabs of their school responsibilities.

For example, you can hang a magnetic board for posting notes and reminders. Mount a pegboard with adjustable shelving to easily modify your child’s storage area depending on their needs or age. To make assignments easy to remember, have turn-it-in subject folders on the wall. Then make pencils and markers accessible with caddies on the desk.

5. Finish with a Good Desk and Chair

Lastly, your kids are likely to spend most of their time sitting on their study table, so their desk and chair need to be comfortable. Light-coloured tables or those made of blond timber, for instance, are easy on the eyes. For small spaces, fold-away desks are a favourite. A good desk chair should support the back and encourage good posture.

To make choosing easier, let the kids try on study desks and chairs at the store. Their choice must allow height adjustment and flexible movement. When you can, involve the kids with your study room design. Studying is more fun in a room that they help put together, after all!

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