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5 Tips on Creating a Work from Home Setup

While the world is currently on a daily battle to get things back to normal, most of us are adjusting to a new norm: the work from home setup. It sounds exciting at first. No more early morning blues or commuting hassle. You can even finish that deadline in your sleepwear!

But if you’re finding it difficult to get some work done lately, perhaps your makeshift home office is not at all conducive for a productive day. A little tweak here and there plus my simple tips are all you need to transform any space into the ultimate work spot.

How to Create the Perfect Work from Home Setup

A work from home setup is easy to put together, whether you’re in a large house or a small apartment. You only need the right tools and some creativity. Check out these home office ideas to help you get started.

1. Pick the best work spot

Distractions are your primary enemy when it comes to working remotely, be it your telly, fluffy bed or your kitchen full of snacks. So, designate a space that will keep you in the “work” zone. If you quickly lose focus when people walk by, then find a room with a door for some privacy. And if kids at home need supervision, choose a workspace near their activity area, so you can work while keeping a close watch.

2. Ensure good lighting

Eye strain due to poor lighting affects not only your health but also your work productivity. So, make sure to work in a well-lit area. Add a desk lamp if necessary. And when you can, let natural light in and position your work area near a window or sunny spot. Just make sure to have curtains or blinds ready to block reflections or reduce computer screen glare.

3. Prepare your chair and desk

These are must-haves for your work from home setup. You’ll likely sit and stare at your laptop for hours, so your chair and desk should be office-ready. If you do not have an office chair at home, any cushioned chair works. You can also dress up a wooden chair by putting a pillow or covering the backrest with a blanket.

For your desk, make sure it has the right height when you’re sitting down, so your wrists and arms won’t hurt while working. A messy work desk is also an instant productivity killer, so ditch the junk and clutter. Throw away broken pencils and sticky notes that no longer stick. Use baskets, filing cabinets and pen holders to organise your office supplies.

4. Invest in good office equipment

Depending on the nature of your job, you might need a printer, scanner or other equipment in your work from home setup. You may be living in an area that doesn’t have a local printer or photocopier nearby. So, have the necessary machinery ready on hand to save valuable time and energy. You can set up a dedicated station for them at home to keep bulky equipment out of the way.

Staying connected with colleagues is also vital. So, invest in a reliable phone, computer and Internet access. You don’t want a temperamental connection to be the reason for missing out your weekly video call. Also, organise your laptop at home as you would at work. Install all the chat and project management apps you need, and bookmark all your work-related sites for quick access.

5. Own your workspace

A work from home setup should be both functional and inspirational. And it’s easier to feel productive in a personalised area. Achieve this by decorating your home office.

Keep work morale high with your favourite playlist and a coffee maker on the side. Give your space a spa-like feel with a peppermint reed diffuser and tabletop waterfall. If you love being with nature, why not bring greenery indoors? Put a few vases of flowers in your space or decorate corners with green houseplants. A small pot of succulents on your desk can brighten up a busy day.

Stay Productive in a Work from Home Setup

Creating an office away from the office doesn’t need major or costly renovation. All you need is a private space with your work essentials within easy reach. Also, make sure to create a daily to-do list to keep yourself on track. Follow a work routine and make breaks meaningful by spending a few minutes in the garden or petting your dog.

We don’t know how long some of us will be in this work from home set up. But, if your workdays start becoming dull and lonely, friends from work are just a chat away. Send them virtual hellos and wow them with your home office masterpiece! And while you’re at it, why not work on your kitchen next with these makeover tips?

Lachlan Grattan

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