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Home Improvement Projects that Add Value

Are you thinking of giving your house a makeover? If you aim to attract a potential buyer in the future, I suggest focusing on home updates with the highest return on investment. Boost your resale value with these simple home improvement projects worth your effort, time and money.

Giving your house an updated look is a smart move to not only attract home buyers but also improve the way you live. While waiting for the perfect time to sell your home, you might as well enjoy the nifty upgrades you’ve made! A home staging stylist or a licensed contractor can help you with your major home renovation plans. But choose the DIY path whenever you can. You can consult your real estate agent for helpful tips, too.

One thing to remember is to stay strategic when tackling your home improvement projects. There is no need to spend a lot on every upgrade. Small things like changing the light fixtures or planting flowering plants count. Also, make a plan and schedule of your projects. That way, it’s easier to stay on track and within budget. Here are some home improvement ideas you can add to your checklist.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Adding square footage to your current home is costly. But if you have an extra room that you can transform into a bathroom addition, then do so. Bathrooms are essential, and having a spare is perfect for potential buyers with large families or who love inviting guests. However, if this is not possible, enhance your existing space into a functional and great-looking bathroom instead.

One way to impress home buyers is to make your bathroom look like a spa. So, install wall-mounted lighting plus a new shower and faucet for your bath area. Stone-like tiles and an under-mount sink are also excellent. But if an extensive home renovation project is not an option, then at least spruce up the tiles with fresh grout. You can also add additional storage and shelves inside, especially if your bathroom is small.

Make Your Kitchen Shine

The kitchen is the most frequently used, if not the most favourite, room in the house. So, investing in a kitchen remodel will surely pay off. But the key here is to make kitchen updates that will not alienate the room from the rest of the house. For example, don’t create an ultra-modern kitchen in a beautiful country-style home.

Your home improvement projects for the kitchen should centre on creating an efficient home space. Adding a rolling island or hanging pot rack, for instance, makes cooking and storage easier. Make your kitchen look expensive with stainless steel countertop, new light switches, ceramic tiles for a splashback and newly painted cabinets to boost property value.

Choose Energy-Saving Fixtures

People looking for homes prefer those furnished with energy star-rated appliances and programmable thermostat. Having energy-efficient windows in the house help its new owners to reduce their power consumption and air conditioning use, too. Also, check electrical sockets, light switches or doors for cracks that need sealing to reduce energy costs.

Paint with Neutral Colours

Among the many home improvement projects, one that has the highest return on investment is painting your walls and ceiling. A few cans of paint do not cost a lot, but they can instantly transform your home and improve its resale value. You don’t have to repaint every room in your house, though. Focus on spots that need more work or those that would generate maximum impact. When painting to achieve an updated look, go for a neutral colour scheme. Think ivory, grey and other similar palettes. These colours are attractive to many potential buyers as they blend in well with most furniture and décor.

Install Enough Storage Spaces

Adding more storage spaces to every room is also one of the home updates worth investing. No one wants to move in a living space with no cabinets or shelves available. So, make sure to install proper storage solutions in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and laundry area. Narrow cabinets, open shelves and door hooks should solve your problem when tackling small spaces.

Improve the Backyard

If you have a backyard, then make sure to include some garden upgrades to your task list. Turn this area into a multipurpose space for relaxing, dining or entertaining. The addition of low-maintenance plants or potted herbs from your local garden center spells better home value for you. Backyard grill and fire pits are also value-added investments.

Boost Curb Appeal

Have you tried looking at your house from the street? Does it look attractive and welcoming? If not, you need to find time to improve your entryway. It’s harder to invite home buyers inside when they see glaring flaws upfront. You can start enhancing your curb appeal by clearing the walkway and decorating it with flowering plants. Keep your lawn or hedges well-trimmed. If your garage door is taking all the spotlight, achieve a cleaner finished look with a little exterior paint. Also, make your front door stand out by choosing an eye-catching paint colour or design.

Update Your Interior Décor

Budget-friendly décor like cushions, lampshades or artwork can round up the look of your updated room. Window treatments like neutral roller blinds are also cost-efficient. Choose items that make the space look appealing, warm and comfortable. Gather interior design ideas from magazines or apps for inspiration. You may want to reorganise your furniture, too, to make the room look bigger or optimise your beautiful front view. If your house has well-maintained hardwood floors, make sure to show them off! Wood floors are long-lasting and add to your home value.

Keep the House Clean

Finally, even a beautiful house with the most expensive home updates will not be attractive if it’s dirty and full of clutter. So, make sure that you do regular maintenance to avoid junk build-up, unsightly moulds or unpleasant odour. Sell items at home that are only taking up space and dust. Nothing attracts potential buyers more than a well-loved home, after all!

Lachlan Grattan

When I finally have the home of my dreams, my garden and home became and oasis and a place of self-expression. I love adding touches around the house to improve the living space and garden area. It’s my shelter, after all, and I want it to be as cozy as possible. I created Orenda Home & Garden as a go-to resource for my readers who wants to get ideas, inspiration or tips to make their home better and more comfortable.