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Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas and Tips

With the festive season drawing near, you’re probably busy finding the best gifts to wrap or browsing online for your menu. But have you ticked Christmas outdoor decorating off your list yet? If not, I have the yard decoration ideas to deck your balcony, patio or front door. Have everyone at home involved then use this task to bond and start the holiday cheer early!

Windows and Doors

Wreaths are a favourite when it comes to creating Christmas front doors and windows. But you do not have to go with the same old red and green colour path. Make your holiday decorations look extra festive with touches of silver and gold. If you’re going for a Christmas summer theme, a eucalyptus wreath with seashells is also a fabulous idea. You can add fragrant ornaments like dried orange slices, cinnamon bark and cloves, too. Their perfect for putting people in a jolly mood every time they come to your door!

If you have outdoor planters or poinsettias, place them by your front door to welcome guests. Decorating your entryway with small and tall floor lanterns is another alternative in case you don’t have plants. And to make my windows shine, I love displaying lighted Christmas outdoor decorations for passers-by to see. Just make use of your empty beer or wine bottles then decorate each with Christmas lights to make them glow. The best part is this doubles as indoor decor, too.

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Garlands are Christmas outdoor decorating staples. They’re versatile and easy to drape along railings or around columns. But you can take ordinary evergreen up a notch with the right accents. Just use red bows, lights and pine cones to make a stunning arrangement for everyone to admire. Rope lights are great options, too.

If you have enough space in your balcony, you can convert it into your little Christmas sitting area. Just grab some wooden crates, stack them up as if they’re shelves then fill each with Christmas ornaments or candles. You can also use an old console or coffee table to create your Christmas corner by the balcony. Now, all you need are some comfy chairs and string lights for the finishing touch.

Patio or Deck

The focal point of your Christmas outdoor decorating plan would have to be your patio or deck, where family and friends gather. So, make sure not to miss this out and put a little more decorating effort on it when you can. To start, accentuate your space with lots of Christmas bush or any plant with red or white blooms. Small evergreens in baskets or tin tubs will work, too. Embellish each with bows or baubles for extra charm. If you want, you can also paint your terracotta pots in red or gold.

Next, have outdoor furniture and plenty of seating for everyone to stay cosy. Make sure there are matching outdoor cushions, too. Then hang a few overhead string lights or put lanterns around. You can check out this article on outdoor lighting for decoration ideas. If you have kids at home, you can add an artificial tree here, too. Let the little ones help you with the Christmas tree decorating. Come Christmas morning, use this spot for opening up presents – with a hearty breakfast to match, of course!

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Plants, Pathways and Fences

If you happen to have a front yard with lots of shrubs and trees, then you have all the branches you need for some serious Christmas outdoor decorating! Use them for hanging oversized tree ornaments or baubles for a whimsical look. Make sure to add fairy lights, so they look just as magical at night. Cascade tube LED lights or hanging lighted stars are excellent tree decorations, too. For a more spacious yard, why not go over the top by putting lighted topiary animals next to your trees? Have a few standing and grazing deer in your home to wow your neighbours!

Walkways and fences are perfect spots for Christmas outdoor decorations as well. Stake lights, for example, can highlight your garden path. Solar lamps, on the other hand, are energy-saving pathway lights that are easy to adjust and install. For your fences, you can use lit garlands, ribbons and wreaths. Oh, and do you have a mailbox at home? Decorating it with natural elements like a fern, burlap ribbon and some pine cones will surely make any postman smile.

Happy decorating!

Lachlan Grattan

When I finally have the home of my dreams, my garden and home became and oasis and a place of self-expression. I love adding touches around the house to improve the living space and garden area. It’s my shelter, after all, and I want it to be as cozy as possible. I created Orenda Home & Garden as a go-to resource for my readers who wants to get ideas, inspiration or tips to make their home better and more comfortable.