Best Video Doorbells in Australia 2023 – For Home Safety

With the rise of online shopping and doorstep deliveries, installing the best video doorbells at home is now more useful than ever. These smart devices not only inform you when your package has arrived but also allow you to speak with the delivery personnel even without seeing them face to face. No more hurrying down the stairs to see who’s at your front door, or kids unknowingly letting total strangers in your house.

But before you hit the stores and get yourself one of these video doorbells, it’s necessary to know which one to buy. Read on this review about the best video doorbells in Australia and pair their ingenious features with your needs. Also, check out the FAQs and learn if video doorbells are for you or how safe these electric devices are.

Top 5 Best Video Doorbells in Australia 2024

Finding the right video doorbell is not too difficult when you know what this device can do for you. Here are some of the best video doorbells in Australia that you can consider.

ImageNameBest ForWhere to Buy

Ring Video Doorbell

Home and apartment owners who prioritise value for moneyCheck Price from Amazon AU

SooCoo Smart Video Doorbell

Front doors with roof and users after low-priced optionsCheck Price from Amazon AU

TMEZON Smart IP Video Doorbell

Multi-storey home ownersCheck Price from Amazon AU

MYPIN Wireless Smart Doorbell

Users looking for excellent basic features at a reasonable priceCheck Price from Amazon AU

Lifemement Smart Video Doorbell

Big households with multiple usersCheck Price from Amazon AU

Things to Consider When Buying a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells serve the same purpose and work similarly. When someone pushes the doorbell button, the device then sends a video feed to the monitor or your smartphone and gives you the options how to interact with your visitor. However, depending on brands and price, some devices deliver better image quality or have extra functions. It’s easier to make a smarter, informed choice by considering these features.

Durability and design

You’ll be installing your video doorbell right at your front door, so make sure it can withstand harsh outdoor elements and can blend in with your house exterior. Look for video doorbells that are weather-resistant and dustproof. Other devices include waterproof covers. If not, make sure to keep it protected from rain or snow. Video doorbells also come in various colours, designs and sizes. Choose a device that looks good and is easy to spot.


Video doorbells can be wireless or hardwired. Wireless devices usually include rechargeable batteries that can last 6 to 12 months, depending on the battery pack. The longer the battery life, the higher the price. If you want to keep the device working all day without the need to recharge the batteries, a wired or electric option is best.

Field of view and operating range

Video doorbells with a high field of view can give a clear scope of your front door area and its surroundings. Field of view can range from 90° to 180°. A 90° view angle lets you see the front, while a 180° view angle gives a more expansive scope.

When choosing a video doorbell, consider its operating range as well, especially if you prefer to go on wireless mode. Make sure that the unit gets a sufficient signal to work with the monitor, your smartphone or other devices.

Video quality

Currently, 1080p is the best resolution for video doorbells. Others can go as low as 480p resolution. Doorbell cameras with a lower resolution are less expensive but cannot deliver clear images or videos. At the very least, choose 720p video doorbells so you can easily recognise the person at your door. It’s also best to look for devices that work well even in the dark or have infrared night vision. Some units can automatically adjust their settings from day to night mode for convenience.

Motion detection

Motion sensors in doorbell cameras can notify you when someone leaves the house or approaches your door. Homeowners in busier streets may want to consider getting a video doorbell with customisable motion settings. With this type of device, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary motion alerts. You may also want to purchase video doorbells that can monitor specific areas or zones outside your home.

Audio features

A two-way audio system is one of the best features of a video doorbell. With this function, you’ll be able to talk to the postman or instruct delivery personnel without opening your door. Make sure that this feature works with a good App so that you can communicate with whoever is at your door even when you’re not home or on the road.

Ease of installation and integration

Some video doorbells, especially battery-operated ones, take no time to install. These devices are best if you don’t have the tools for mounting or drilling. Ask for expert help if your device is complicated to install. If your home already has an existing security system, make the most of it by purchasing a compatible video doorbell so they can work together. Smart homes may also benefit more from video doorbells that work with Alexa, Google Assistant and other similar tools.


The cost of video doorbells depends on their capabilities, quality and features. Aside from the device itself, storage, extension wires and other accessories may also add to its cost. So, look for your ideal video doorbell within your budget. That way, you won’t have to pay for extra features that you do not need.

FAQs About Video Doorbells

If you’re wondering whether a video doorbell is necessary, or if you need a Wi-Fi connection to make it work, this FAQ section can help. Read on and learn everything else you need to know before buying a doorbell camera.

Are doorbell cameras worth it?

While some homeowners would choose traditional door peepholes, others prefer video doorbells for convenience and enhanced safety. If you frequently receive packages at home, for instance, this device lets you speak with the delivery man without having to run to your front door. If you’re not home most of the time, you can easily let unexpected friends or family know when you’re coming back. With video doorbells, you can also pretend you are home to deter potential intruders.

For parents who need to stay late in the office, this device can alert you when the kids are back from school. It can also let you receive parcels from the delivery man, so the kids don’t have to answer the door. And if you live in a smart home with devices like Alexa or Google Home, a compatible video doorbell is a great add-on to access useful features.

Can Ring doorbells be hacked?

Any device that uses Wi-Fi connection is at risk for hacking, especially without proper protection. So, make sure to apply these useful tips when installing wireless video doorbells:

  • Use strong and unique passwords with symbols, numbers and uppercase letters included.
  • If other people need to access the device, add them as shared users instead of sharing login details.
  • Enable two-factor authentication and activate all security features of your video doorbell.
  • Protect your smartphone app (if you’re using one) with a strong password.
  • Make sure to keep the app regularly updated, especially its security features.
  • Update and secure your Internet router.

Do doorbell cameras need Wi-Fi to work?

Internet connection is necessary if you want to remotely use your doorbell camera, need live stream access, prefer push notifications and want to use its other online features. If not, your video doorbell can still function without Wi-Fi. You can also do the following to make the most of its functionality while staying offline:

  • Load your device with an SD card storage, so it can still record motion-detected occurrences. You can view these for later playback so as not to miss out on important events.
  • You can connect your video doorbell to an existing wired traditional doorbell. This way, if someone presses your smart device, you can still hear it ring even without Wi-Fi.
  • Use a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in place of a router. This solution, however, is more prone to intermittent connection and consume too much data for live streaming. If you don’t have to access your video doorbell all the time though, this alternative can work.

Can doorbell cameras get stolen?

I know you’ve installed a video doorbell for your safety, but yes, it’s possible to get stolen. Good thing there are ways to address this issue. Here are some tips to protect your device and deter theft:

  • Install your doorbell camera properly to make it impossible for the thief to remove. If possible, use screws to attach the device instead of using tape or glue.
  • Find a way to conceal the power cable of your device to make it difficult to rip or disconnect. You may also consider battery-powered devices instead to confuse perpetrators.
  • Some video doorbell brands offer hard casing for protection. This protective accessory not only prevents theft but also protects against weather conditions and damage. You can also make a DIY cover to avoid the extra cost.
  • Attaching a sign next to your device, to warn people that your video doorbell is connected to an alarm and continuously records videos, can also help prevent theft.
  • Make the most of your device’s motion sensors. Don’t ignore the notifications, and report any unusual activities to the authorities.
  • Choose a video doorbell that includes a subscription plan for storing recorded videos and is covered by a replacement warranty. Also, record the serial number of your device to make it easier to identify in case of actual theft.

Final Thoughts

Video doorbells offer several benefits to Australian households aside from safety and convenience. With the recent need for social isolation, these smart devices come in handy when you need groceries and other essentials safely delivered to your doorstep. Still, it’s necessary to consider the different features video doorbells have, so you can identify which unit suits your needs.

Compared with the other devices highlighted in this review, I believe the Ring Video Doorbell is the best video doorbell for most Australian homes. This device comes with the most basic features, including motion sensors, night vision and two-way audio. It’s also compatible with Alexa and other similar tools to fit in smart homes. While it may not have the best resolution, it does have a balanced mix of features at a more reasonable price. Moreover, Ring is a trusted brand for video doorbell products, which adds to users’ peace of mind when it comes to durability and security issues.

All other devices are equally reliable and functional. What is important is that you buy a video doorbell based on your purpose, what you can afford and the level of safety or convenience you need.