Best Robot Window Cleaner Reviews Australia 2023

In today’s modern world, we have different high technology gadgets and even equipment to make things easier to accomplish a lot of chores. There is the robot vacuums, robot pool cleaners and robot mopping machines. No wonder there exists the robot window cleaners. Gone are the days that people do things manually and spend a lot of time just to finish a certain task.

As another year approaches, we are continuously entering an even greater era in the world of automation and high technology. So imagine what these robot window cleaners can do to our everyday window cleaning chores? Amazing, right. It may still be at the early stages of further development but they definitely make things easier to clean a large size of window faster due to the unique cleaning technologies included in this product.

If you want to get a hold early on with this new innovation, here are the top robot window cleaners on my list:

These new and amazing innovation are very easy to use and definitely a step-up when it comes to cleaning windows. So if you want to know more, here’s a brief comparison table of the best robot window cleaners available in the market.

Top 6 Best Robot Window Cleaners in Australia 2024

ImageNameControlProduct InformationWhere to Buy

Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner

Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.3 or Above SmartphoneThe Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner is a smart window cleaning system that is built with an AI technology.Check Price from Amazon AU

HOBOT-288 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner

Bluetooth 4.0, smartphone on iOS or Android platformThe HOBOT-288 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner is the fastest robot for cleaning glass surfacesCheck Price from Amazon AU

Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner

Has remote controlThe Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner is not just fast but is the quietest window cleaning robot in the marketCheck Price from Amazon AU

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Remote controlled and has full access appThe Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is the best choice for home use and for all who wants affordabilityCheck Price from Amazon AU

Robot Zoo Glider Window Cleaner

Has remote controlThe Robot Zoo Glider Window Cleaner is one of the new generation robot window cleaners that glides across the window surface as it cleansCheck Price from Amazon AU

BOBOT Win660 Window Cleaning Robot

Remote controlled and has full access appThe BOBOT Win660 Window Cleaning Robot is an efficient window bot that saves time and makes cleaning window easierCheck Price from Amazon AU

Now that you have a quick peek on the different brands in the market. Take a look on an in-depth description of each robot window cleaners to help you in choosing the right one to purchase.

Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner


  • Powerful suction secures the cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • Cables are long and secured to do cleaning
  • Took a while to finish cleaning
  • Noisy

Whether you are looking for a product that would help you clean the window or simply want to save on cleaning costs, then this is the best solution for you – the Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner. This cleaner can perform all window cleaning jobs on both flat and framed glass.

The Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner comes with a microfibre cushion that can polish glass surfaces, clear soil and oil stain without difficulty. It cleans any glass and window surfaces spotless and fast. The high-quality pad is absorbent and cleans your windows crystal clear and streak-free. And because it is smart, it can avoid ridges and window frames which cleans glasses in a jiffy.

You can also use it for counter tops and hard surface floors. No worries if you live in high condos or buildings because this will help you do the job. Simply control the robot window cleaner with the remote that comes with the product and viola, it is done. The remote has power button with directional arrows so it is easier to clean windows. But aside from that, the remote control can also be controlled via Bluetooth over your iOS and android gadgets.

This robot window cleaner has a powerful suction that allows it to be held firmly on vertical glass surfaces. While it works with a wire, the cables are long and secured enough in order to reach the entire window surface. What’s more, it has a UPS system which helps in case there is a power failure. This will help keep the cleaner stay firmly on the glass for 30 minutes and avoid falling.

It also has three pre-programmed cleaning routes to choose from: automatic left to bottom, automatic top to bottom and automatic right to bottom. It forms to Z form or zigzag route which ensures that it will cover the whole window surface.

Check Price from Amazon AU

HOBOT-288 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner


  • Uses lasers to avoid obstacles
  • Less expensive than other brands
  • Can clean large square areas fast
  • Not for suitable for circular windows
  • Noisy

The HOBOT-288 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner is considered the fastest cleaning window robot in the market. It has a moving speed of 4.7 inch per second because of its additional 2 cleaning wheels which significantly decreases cleaning time on large surfaces. It has almost the same great features as the HOBOT-298 model but at a lower price.

It has an advanced cutting edge laser technology that guides the robot while cleaning. This laser sensor can determine edges of the surface that needs to be cleaned. Therefore, it not only cleans windows but other frameless mirrors and doors as well. The size and shape of this robot window cleaner allows it to clean efficiently and faster, reaching even the corners of the window.

Another plus factor of the HOBOT-288 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner is its powerful suction. It makes sure that the robot is securely in place while cleaning and it also helps in sucking all the grime and dirt on the window. It can also be controlled via smartphone or remote. Simply download the application and connect it with the robot window cleaner and all set to go.

Choose from the 3 programs to automatically clean the window or glass surfaces and it will make the robot choose the most effective cleaning path it should do.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner


  • Very quick
  • Not as noisy as other brands
  • Can go back to where it started
  • Versatile
  • No app connectivity

The Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner is another fast robot window cleaner that can clean windows around 3 minutes on one square meter. But what is very unique about this robot cleaner is that it is very quiet unlike other cleaners. It is a brushless motor that has a built-in detecting edge sensors that leaves windows squeaky clean. It also cleans frameless glass without leaving any water marks or streaks.

It is versatile that it can clean various surfaces such as marble, tiles, glass, mirrors, floors, windows, kitchen counters and more. The UPS system allows the robot window cleaner to be firmly secured even if there is power interruption. You will be assured that it will not fall off even if there is no power.

What is unique about the Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner is that it automatically goes back to its original position after the cleaning process is finished. It has remote control that can reach 12 meters long so you can clean your window without any hassles.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner


  • Versatile with variety of surfaces
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable
  • Have difficulty cleaning corners
  • Sometimes stop before even finishing

The Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is a continuation from its predecessor. It is smaller than the previous model and can clean windows much efficiently. This robot window cleaner also comes with a back-up rechargeable battery to make sure that you keep on cleaning even if the battery runs low.

It is effective on unframed and framed glass surfaces which can be used to clean bathroom mirrors, tiled walls, floors and even kitchen table tops. It can be controlled by using a remote control or through a smartphone app which gives you a great amount of flexibility when operating.

With its AI-powered design, it detects edges and can scrub every part of the window. No need to climb any ladders when cleaning windows on high places because the Gladwell Gecko can clean it for you. It features a safety rope attachment and suction technology to make sure that the cleaner is firmly attached to the window while cleaning. Washable microfibre pads are included to make sure that the windows are thoroughly cleaned.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Robot Zoo Glider Window Cleaner


  • Has a backup battery
  • Has a long safety cord with carabiner
  • With power extension cord that allows device to reach high and wide surfaces
  • Has no app connectivity

The Robot Zoo Glider Window Cleaner is another option for you to check out. It is one of the new generation of robotic cleaners and is called the “Glider” because it appears to glide across the window surface while cleaning. It is a window cleaner that has evolved into taking on big window cleaning jobs.

It has a safety rope that has a carabiner clip where you can attach it to something fixed so in case the device falls while cleaning, the safety rope will prevent it from being damage or hurt someone below. A backup battery is also included to keep the robot window cleaner fixed on the glass for 20 minutes in case of power interruption.

The Robot Zoo Glider Window Cleaner features a choice of Z or N cleaning routes which you can choose on the remote control. This remote control has a 10m range to start or stop the device and can be retrieved from unreachable places. It also has different bump sensors on its corners to detect window edges and frames.

Check Price from Amazon AU

BOBOT Win660 Window Cleaning Robot


  • Quiet and fast
  • Efficient and saves time
  • Versatile
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Not for smaller glass spaces

The BOBOT Win660 Window Cleaning Robot is a fast and quiet window cleaner available in the market. It can accomplish large cleaning spaces without any problems in about 3 minutes. It is ideal for windows on hotels, restaurants, department stores and other large glass areas.

Its all-around safety system include a vacuum motor to ensure safe attachment on glass, with UPS back-up power to keep it in place for 25 minutes even if there is power interruption and a strong safety rope to prevent it from falling in case it detaches from the glass.

The BOBOT Win660 Window Cleaning Robot is also versatile as it can clean frameless or framed windows, inside and outside. With its AI built-in technology, it can identify ridges and corners that can be avoided and has a 4-edge detection sensor that enables it to clean even on frameless windows. It comes with washable microfibre pads that will clean windows thoroughly making it sparkling clean and streak-free.

There are 3 cleaning paths to choose from which include an automatic cleaning path, the Z and N paths to avoid edges and other obstacles. You can also use the app on the device or use the remote control to make it start, stop and manage the direction you want while sitting in your favorite couch.

Additionally, it has smart indicators to tell you that this robot window cleaner is in good working condition and with audio warnings that will tell you if there’s a power failure or low battery. It has an ultra-thin design which is thinner than most of the robot window cleaners in the market.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Things to Consider When Buying a Robot Window Cleaner

Technology has improved so much over the years with the introduction of automation and robotics. They have made chores and other aspects in our lives easier, faster and convenient. Smart devices and products have made our daily monotonous tasks hassle-free. Difficult tasks such as cleaning the house, laundry and even window cleaning were given the perfect solution of saving time and money – hence the robot window cleaners.

What are robot window cleaners?

Robot window cleaners are devices that attach to your window with vacuum suction or magnets. It uses tracks to move or glide, and comes with brushes or microfibre pads that will sanitise surfaces. They are mostly supported with strong cords in case the suction falls. These cleaners are powered by batteries or are corded, which helps in cleaning windows of any size in a short amount of time.

There are other advance models that features sensors and can detect edges for optimal cleaning function. What’s good about these robot window cleaners, is that some models do not only have remote controls but can be connected via smartphone applications for ease of use. Amazing, right? Who would have thought that is it possible to automate even the simple window cleaning system? They are definitely another leap in home automation which makes people’s life easier.

So if you are looking to buy your own robot window cleaner, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying:

Battery powered or corded devices

Battery powered devices are convenient especially when it comes to robot window cleaners. The downside though, they need to have enough charge in order to finish the cleaning job and they can be a bit pricey. If your robot window cleaner suddenly stops in the middle of its cleaning, it can produce streaks and marks that will make the window look dirtier.

Corded devices on the other hand, does not need to worry about battery life because you will simple plug in the device in a power outlet. However, the cord needs to be longer or you must have an extension cord in order to reach and clean up the entire window. Hence, it can be a bit impractical.

Speed and size

This is an important consideration when choosing your cleaner. Your cleaner should be big and fast enough in order to clean up big surfaces before battery ran out should you choose the battery powered model. Most of the models have different speed which affects how long it may take to clean the whole window surface. So you might want to take a closer look on which works better for you. But overall, this device gives you the convenience of saving time.

Magnetic adhesion or vacuum

Robotic window cleaners need a firm and stable way to attach itself on the surface that needed to be cleaned. There are 2 types of method available in the market – magnetic adhesion and vacuum or suction.

Magnetic adhesion uses 2 magnets to attach itself to the window. They are on the underside of the device and the other on top. Some models come with a piece of magnetic metal located on one side and has an array of magnets on the other side.

For the vacuum models, the motor of the device generates a suction to hold it in place as it moves to clean the glass. These models are convenient to use since you don’t have to access the side of the windows in order to attach the cleaner. However, it has the tendency to fall hence the reason why most models have safety cords.


  • Safety: this is one of the features that is most important to look for when purchasing your robot window cleaner. You don’t want the device to fall and get damaged or worse, hurt someone in the process. Be sure to check the effectivity of its suction or how firm it can stick on the glass. Make sure that there’s a backup in case there’s power failure to give you enough time to grab the device before it falls. Lastly, check if the device you are purchasing have safety cords because this too will help in making sure that the device will not fall.
  • Sensors: like any other automated products, these window cleaners can wander around the surface if they don’t have any sensors. Therefore, choose those that have sensors to detect edges or frames and even map out the route of the surface that will be cleaned. If you want to clean frameless glass or windows, choose those that have advanced sensor system because if not, the device may fall.
  • Compatible with smartphones: most of the devices nowadays are compatible with any smartphone applications, and the robot window cleaner is not an exception. The apps that are compatible with the device simply replaces the remote control which allows you to start, stop, pause or adjust the speed and direct the cleaning path. It is free and can typically be used on any Android and iOS devices. Convenient and easy to use.

Additionally, you can also check out the quality, reviews and of course the price of the robot window cleaner you are buying. Price helps you decide if it will suit your needs. Remember these cleaners can be a bit pricey so make sure that you choose wisely.

Higher-priced devices also come with special microfibre pads that can be used for dry or wet cleaning purposes. The wet pads are used while the window cleaner is in use while the dry pads are great for removing dust in your window. So you may also want to consider purchasing these models that offer these additional features.

Looking through various reviews will provide you an idea on how the cleaner works, what are the pros and cons and will give you an honest feedback on the device that you are after. For the quality, check on the product’s durability right down to the nitty-gritty such as after sales support and warranty.

FAQs on Robot Window Cleaners

Do window robot cleaners work?

Definitely yes. Robot window cleaners are fully capable of cleaning large surfaces in just a matter of time. It makes cleaning easier and fast. Not only do they clean windows but they can also be used in cleaning other surfaces such as marbles, tiles, glass, mirrors, floors, windows, kitchen counters and more. They are also capable of cleaning frameless glass or borderless glass depending on the model you have purchased.

What’s good about these robot window cleaners is that they are simple and easy to use. All you need to do is attach it on your window, sit back and relax while it does the job. Once the window cleaner is done cleaning, it will notify you that everything is done then you can go on moving to the next window. Fast and convenient and the result – a squeaky clean and sparkling window.

Are robot window cleaners worth it?

Depending on the need that you have, of course, having a robot window cleaner is definitely worth it. While it may be a bit expensive to buy this device, in the long run it is a good investment especially if you have a large window surface to clean up.

Having your own robot cleaner to do the tedious job of cleaning the windows will be easier with its use. More so, it is safer to use especially if you have to clean windows on high places. You don’t have to go up yourself because it features remote functions wherein you can control them even while you are sitting in your lounge. This alone is enough to tell you that having your own device is worth it.  Aside from saving time, it also provides a streak-free and crystal clear windows.

How do I clean the outside of my flat windows?

It is pretty much easy to use this robot window cleaner. Since most of the devices uses vacuum, all you need to do is attach it to the window that needs to be cleaned and the bot will do its job. Just wait for it to clean the whole surface, you can either use the remote control or the built-in app to control the route your cleaner goes and you are done. Most of the robot window cleaners have smart sensors, if this is the type of device you own, there’s no need for you to worry if it will miss a spot. Once the device is done cleaning, it will stop on its own. The microfibre cloth helps in wiping the windows clean. There are other devices that have water tanks or squeegee that gives an extra cleaning function.

How do you get streak-free windows?

Window streaks are normally the result of hard water stains, improper drying and residue. In order to prevent it from happening, that the unit’s microfibre pads are clean. You may also opt to use white vinegar to finish the cleaning process. Another technique that you can try is to use a squeegee to dry the window surface.

Another tip in order to achieve a streak-free window, is to be sure that you wash the unit’s microfibre pads or brushes consistently. When you reattach them, be sure not to cover the tracks or the sensors because this will cause into missing a spot or the device to fall.