Best Motion Sensor Bin Australia Reviews 2023

Motion sensor bins are a great addition to any space – in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and so much more. These bins open and close automatically hence keeping germs and other impurities away from your hands. It keeps your hands sanitised especially when you are working with food and other stuff that needs to be sanitary.

There are now many motion sensor bins available in the market. You can choose from different volumes and sizes or materials that will suit your needs. Some even have enhanced features like odour control and even voice command controls. If you are interested to own one, here are my top suggestions:

Listed below is a comparison table of my suggested list for you to check out the various motion sensor bins:

Top 5 Motion Sensor Bins in Australia 2024

ImageNameProduct HighlightsCapacityWhere to Buy

Devanti 60L Motion Sensor 2-in-1 Bin with Recycle Section

  • Features a recycle drawer with divider
  • Made with stainless steel body for durability
60LCheck Price from Amazon AU

Maxkon 80L Motion Sensor Dual Rubbish Bin

  • Features an advanced infrared sensing technology
  • Has a dual bin for waste and recycle rubbish
80LCheck Price from Amazon AU

iTouchless Round Touchless 30L Motion Sensor Bin with Odor Control

  • Features an infrared motion sensor
  • Easy to clean & smudge-resistant
30LCheck Price from Amazon AU

Devanti 68L Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin

  • Fingerprint-resistant
  • Manual operation allowed when battery runs low
68LCheck Price from Amazon AU

Nine Stars Automatic Motion Sensor Bin 70L

  • Features advanced technology that prevents unnecessary opening of bin
  • Has non-skid base so bin stays in place
70LCheck Price from Amazon AU

Let us take a look further on each of its features so will you better know what is best suited for your needs.

Devanti 60L Motion Sensor 2-in-1 Bin with Recycle Section



  • Has a large capacity
  • Has recycle drawers with dividers
  • Durable
  • With integrated odour filter
  • Bin capacity may be not be enough for big families

From Devanti, comes a new generation motion sensor bin that features a multitude of new useful functions that brings waste disposal to a new level. Recycling is easier as it features a recycling drawer that allows you to keep the recyclable wastes in different divisions as you need it.

Experience having a cleaner space as there is a bin liner holder that allows easy usage of the bin bag and makes sure that the bag is securely in place. This will of course result in lesser spillage, easy to replace and take out the bag for disposal. Additionally, it has an odour filter box that allows you to put in some deodorant to make sure that the trash bin smells fresh every time.

But aside from these amazing new features, the Devanti Motion Sensor Bin has a capacity of 60 liters suitable for large-sized spaces. It has a stainless steel body for durability and features a motion sensor so you don’t have to touch it when throwing out your garbage. The opening and closing of the trash bin is soft and quiet which makes for a flawless garbage disposal.

The Devanti Motion Sensor Bin is battery-operated and is finger-print resistant. It is ideal for kitchens and offices so making your space clean is now easy when you use this new motion sensor bin.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Maxkon 80L Motion Sensor Dual Rubbish Bin



  • Has large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatically opens and closes
  • Has infrared technology
  • Dual compartments can be used for wastes and recycling
  • Need to change battery

With its intelligent features and stylish design, the Maxkon 80L Motion Sensor Dual Rubbish Bin will truly make your garbage disposal easy and sanitised every time. The large capacity of this trash bin which is 80 liters, is ideal for most commercial kitchens and other large-sized spaces.

Unlike any other usual trash cans or trash bins, the Maxkon 80L Motion Sensor Dual Rubbish Bin automatically opens and closes once you throw out your garbage. The good thing about it, you don’t have to use your hands in opening it. So if you are cooking, you are sure that you are clean and no germs will contaminate your food. The automation comes from the infrared sensing technology that enables the trash bin to detect movement within its 20 cm range.

It also features a dual bin, so you will be able to segregate your garbage – from waste or recyclable garbage. It has a classic design with sturdy, stainless steel lid and body which keeps odour and highly durable. It comes with a water-resistant motion sensor and quietly opens and closes the lid. It is powered by 3D batteries so you are sure that it is highly automatic. A removable retaining ring completely holds the bag in place so you don’t have to fear that your garbage will spill or go out of place.

Making your space clean and sanitised will never be the same with the use of the Maxkon 80L Motion Sensor Dual Rubbish Bin. Not only does it provided convenience but it will also improve hygiene and sanitation wherever you place this trash bin.

Check Price from Amazon AU

iTouchless Round Touchless 30L Motion Sensor Bin with Odour Control



  • With integrated odour filter
  • Extra-wide opening
  • Has 2 power options: batteries or optional AC Adapter
  • Sensor does not work at times

iTouchless makes every home products easy to use, smarter and stylish. The company that is the first to create the touchless sensor for almost 20 years now, they still continue to make innovative products and improve the way people use different home products every day.

The iTouchless Round Touchless 30L Motion Sensor Bin with Odour Control is another of their intelligent home product offering. It is convenient, hygienic and easy to use. It is 100% touch-free! All you need to do is move your hands and the infrared motion sensor automatically opens and closes the lid. No more fear of getting your hands dirty or contaminated!

The lid has a unique VisioSense status alert so it tells you when it is about to close. A green light indicates that it is in a stay open mode while the blinking red light means it will close. The Reflx technology feature will not close on your hand so in detects your movement in case you move your hand back on the lid.

The trash bin has a replaceable activated carbon odour filter that helps in absorbing odour naturally. Called the AbsorbX, it filters out bad smells and other VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are common and naturally occurring chemicals that can cause serious illness. The AbsorbX helps in absorbing those odour and covers up to more than 7 football fields. What’s more, it is replaceable so once the filter is empty, you can simply purchase another and place it back on the slot provided.

The iTouchless Round Touchless 30L Motion Sensor Bin with Odour Control has 2 power options – either using a battery or an AC adapter. So if you ran out of battery, you can plug it using the adapter and everything will power on and back to its normal function.

An extra-wide opening allows you to throw out large rubbish such as pizza boxes, cartons and like. It has a trash bag retainer to keep bag firmly on its place and has air vents in its base so removing the trash bag is easier.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Devanti 68L Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin



  • Quiet open and close function
  • Modern and stylish
  • Easy bag replacement
  • Can be operated manually
  • Uses 4 x AA batteries for power (may not be power efficient for high usage)

Devanti comes with yet again another smart and innovative trash bin, the Devanti 68L Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin. Make your hands clean always even while you are cooking or doing any activity at home – without any direct contact with your trash bin. This trash has a large 68L capacity so you don’t need to worry that your garbage will spill or there’s not enough space to keep it.

Enjoy the hands-free operation as it opens and closes automatically and is very quiet. No need to step on the pedal as well. It is made with fingerprint stainless steel and is durable and sturdy making it sure that it will last for a long time. It has a convenient liner holder so placing and removing your trash bag is easy. It also makes sure that the trash bag stays in place every time.

The Devanti 68L Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin is powered by 4AA batteries that is why the operation is automatic. What’s unique about this trash bin is that once the battery ran out, you can manually operate it with no hassles at all. There are 2 buttons placed beside the sensor so you can open and close it when there are no batteries.

So, if you want an odour free and hands-free trash bins, this is the model that will suit your daily garbage needs.

Check Price from Amazon AU

Nine Stars Automatic Motion Sensor Bin 70L



  • Touch-free motion sensor
  • Water-resistant
  • Has a delay-sensing technology
  • Requires 4 x D sized batteries to operate

Equipped with a touch-free motion sensor, enjoy a clean and sanitised environment with the Nine Stars Automatic Motion Sensor Bin 70L. It seals the odour and eliminates the possibility of germ contamination in your space. This trash bin has a 70L capacity and is designed and created by Ninestars, the World’s first legal patent holder. It is the first touchless designed trash bin that is designed for recycling purposes. Ideal for places such as office pantries, large kitchens, restaurants and other recycling areas.

The Nine Stars Automatic Motion Sensor Bin 70L uses an advanced sensor technology which can be found in all of the Ninestars trash bins. It features an advanced technology delay system which helps in saving battery life while preventing unnecessary opening by your kids, pet or while you walk by. It has a quiet opening and closing function as well.

The motion sensor will automatically open within 10 inches or 130 degree angle and it will remain open as long as your hands or the debris is within the range of the sensor. It is battery operated and power can last as long as 6 months with normal usage.

It has a ring liner that helps keep the trash bag in place and makes sure that it is neat and clean. Bucket liner is also removable so cleaning the trash bin is easy and convenient. It is made with stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant. There is a non-skid base feature to make sure that the trash bin stays in place.

Check Price from Amazon AU

How to choose the Best Motion Sensor for your home

So if you have decided to get one for yourself, you must take into consideration the different features, quality of the product and of course if they really suit your needs. Again, these motion sensor bins can be a bit costly, but they are worth it especially if you value extreme cleanliness and sanitation in your place. Here are the things you need to look at before buying:

Volume or Capacity of the Bin

Yes, of course, trash bins have different capacities. Hence, you must know how much trash is produced every day and how large it is. If you happen to have a big kitchen, then make sure that your bin is big enough to fit all the trash your family produces in a day.

You may also take into account if you are the type of person who is used to recycling. Therefore, you may not want to get a trash bin that is too large because you segregate your trash accordingly. Hence, not all of your trash or rubbish will go into your trash bin.


Motion sensor bins are made of different materials. Choose the one that is durable and can prevent the odour from coming out of the trash bin. For example bins that have coal liners or carbon filters which help in keeping smell inside and protect the structure of the trash bin as well.

Trash bins also come with stainless steel material so that it will last long and durable. Some also features fingerprint resistant capability and others are water-resistant.

Easy to clean

Of course, this is also a top priority because no matter how organised you can be, you will still dispose the rubbish inside the trash bin. Therefore, it should be easy and not messy. You wouldn’t want a lot of hindrances along the edges when taking out the trash bag, right? So make sure that the ridges of the trash bin are smooth and has no unnecessary grooves that will make it difficult to pull out the bags for disposal.

Design and size

This will of course depend on the space or place where you will put your trash bin. If you happen to have a small kitchen, then having a large trash bin is not quite right. Check out the shape of the trash bin as well. Most of the trash bins are rectangular, square or cube-like in shape. So, make sure that it is the right shape for the space you have thought of placing them. But in case, you don’t have any idea what it would look like, check out those trash bins that are on display in your market.

It is also an added design feature if your trash bin has an odour control system so that it will not cause bad smell in the environment and taking out the garbage will not be “yucky” and messy.

Ease of use

While it is high-tech and automatic, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to use it. Be sure that it is simple and easy to use. No complications added. As long as they work, lid opens and closes with simple movements, then it is good to go. Remember that the purpose of getting a motion sensor bin is to make sure that you don’t have to touch the trash bin and that it will be able to serve its purpose – by keeping your space clean and odour-free from rubbish.

Frame and lid

Be sure that you choose the trash bin that has a sturdy frame, can hold the trash in place and will not break easily when you move it around your space. Choose those that have inner liners, mesh or slotted shell so that odour and trash will not be spilled and go out of the trash bin. The lid is also important as it has to be tight so that kids and pets won’t be able to open it accidentally spilling out all the dirt and awful rubbish.