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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Pantry Cupboard

Upgrading an outdated pantry cupboard doesn’t always mean taking it down and installing a new one. Sometimes, all it needs is a little creativity and resourcefulness. So, try doing one or two of these upgrades, and get the stylish kitchen cabinetry you can proudly show off!

1. Try a New Painting Technique

A dark and dreary pantry cupboard can easily take the beauty out of your kitchen. Make it sunny again with some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. These easy-to-follow painting steps can refresh your cabinets in no time and without spending a lot. But if you want to make a statement, these painting techniques can do the trick:

  • Crackle method. After sanding your pantry cupboard surface, paint it with a base coat that contrasts your crackle paint colour. Once dry, paint the crackle glaze and let it set, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then apply the crackle paint. You can finish with a clear sealer if you wish for extra protection.
  • Distress or antique method. Here’s a technique to give your kitchen a rustic look. Start by cleaning the cabinet and sanding its surface and corners. Scrubbing with 80-grit sandpaper should do the job. Wipe down all the dust before applying the antiquing glaze. Let the glaze dry for a whole day before sealing it.
  • High-gloss method. Choosing high-gloss paint is ideal if you’re going for a modern kitchen Aside from giving your cabinets a metal or glass-like finish, high-gloss paint makes wood less porous and more stain or fingerprint-resistant.

2. Use Removable Wallpaper

If painting a pantry cupboard is not exactly your cup of tea (or if you are renting), there’s always wallpaper to spruce it up. The peel-and-stick kind makes the job easy. Plus, there are a lot of colours or patterns to choose from and match your taste.

This upgrade is ideal if you have glass-front cabinets and you want to use the back to highlight those cups and fine dinnerware. You can also use it for covering the bottom or sides of your kitchen drawers.

3. Add Crown Moulding

Decorative trim can give your kitchen cabinets that expensive, custom-made look. You can have a carpenter help you make the crown moulding with the right height specifications. Another alternative is to opt for the DIY path and design your own.

Hardware stores also have them available and ready for installation. For a beautiful finish, paint it to match your cabinetry or use a complimenting colour for added personality.

Orenda Home Garden_Upgrade a Pantry Cupboard with Removable Wallpaper

4. Replace Old Cabinet Hardware

Probably the quickest and most inexpensive way to upgrade kitchen cabinets is to swap old knobs with new ones. Shiny copper or brass hardware is perfect for contemporary kitchens. But if you want your country or farmhouse kitchen to stand out, go for DIY wooden handles or spheres. You can paint and seal them to complement your cabinets.

Just remember to match the width of your new pulls or knobs with the old ones. This way, you won’t have to drill new holes to install them. Also, old paint or wood is likely to chip when removing old hardware, so have the necessary tools for touching up.

5. Consider Sliding Shelves and Drawer Dividers

A fabulous pantry cupboard should look good inside and out. Adding useful features to your cabinets and features should make kitchen and pantry organisation easy. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add roll-out shelves or racks for deep cabinets. This technique maximises every cabinet space you have. It also makes your supplies easy to organise. The best part is, you no longer have to stretch and reach for that spice jar or can at the back.
  • Use wooden drawer dividers. For kitchen drawer organisation, store-bought plastic organisers are good. But if you want a cleaner look, go for wooden ones or those that closely match your drawer material. Wood is also neutral and will go well with your brightly coloured spoons and spatulas.
  • Have toe-kick drawers for cutting boards. Here’s a solution to add extra storage space: change your baseboard underneath cabinets into toe-kick drawers. These will be perfect for keeping boards, platters or trays.

Orenda Home Garden_Upgrade a Pantry Cupboard with Pull-Out Racks

6. Install Bars or Hooks Behind Cabinet Doors

Make the most of your cabinet doors by installing bars, racks or hooks at the back. These are ideal for storing compact kitchen items or utensils. You can do this update, too, when you want to clear your counter space of clutter or organise your cleaning tools. A corkboard at the back is also another option. It’s a perfect spot for posting recipes, meal plans and reminders.

7. Turn Some Cabinets into Open Shelves

Another quick upgrade for dated cabinets is to remove their doors and turn them into open shelves. Open shelving makes the kitchen look spacious and airy. It’s also ideal for pantries as it makes things easy to see at a glance.

A good design tip is to take out a few cabinet doors and keep the rest. This way, you can use the open shelves for displaying your great-looking kitchenware, while other essentials remain hidden. If you’re not too keen about open shelves, installing glass door inserts gives you the same airy effect.

8. Add Cabinet Lighting

Finally, for an extra bright and warm kitchen space, consider having under-cabinet lighting installations to your pantry cupboard. Integrated lighting, which turns on when you open cabinet doors, is the best option. Aside from adding glow to the room, lighting installations make food supplies easy to spot. They’re great for assisting sneaky snack eaters at night, too!

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