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6 Indoor Garden Ideas to Try for Winter

The cold season is here. But that does not mean you can forget about your excellent gardening skills. Wintertime shouldn’t put your green thumb down! With plenty of indoor garden ideas to try, you can bring nature into every part of your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Here are a few sources of inspiration.

1. Fridge Plant Magnets

If you think the best indoor plants to grow are tiny and adorable, then this indoor garden idea is for you. The best part is there’s no messy soil planting involved! All you need are mini terracotta pots, magnets, industrial-strength glue and some air plants.

First, glue the magnets to the back of the clay pots. Next, put one air plant in each, then stick them to your fridge door. Voila! You now have an indoor garden of low-maintenance plants. You can also house air plants in seashells and use them as a side table décor.

2. Indoor Herb Garden

You can never go wrong with starting an indoor garden of fresh herbs. Aside from at-home greenery, they’re perfect for bringing out the culinary adventurers in us. Thyme, rosemary, basil and mint should be great starters and go well in your delicious one-pot winter recipes.

What’s more, fresh herbs in pots thrive almost anywhere, making your window sills or vacant balcony an excellent growing spot. Indoor herb garden kits or hydroponic systems should require minimal effort. But you can always use whatever planter you have. Why not try one of these creative herb garden ideas:

  • Plant herbs in food tins or glass jars. Here’s a smart way to garden and recycle at the same time. Fill each can or jar with potting soil, then plant your favourite herb seed or cutting and place them in your kitchen. But to save bench space, try hanging or mounting them on a blank wall. Pallet vertical gardens are another option.
  • Plant herbs in shoe or accessory organisers. If you don’t have a spare wall for hanging plants, there’s always the kitchen door for you to use. Look for a suitable fabric door organiser, fill each pocket with potting mix, then plant. Make sure there is ample drainage. Check if your kitchen door can sustain plant, soil and water weight as well.

Orenda Home Garden_Indoor Garden of Fresh Herbs

3. Succulents Collection

Succulents are a favourite of beginner and experienced gardeners alike. What’s not to love about them – they are beautiful, colourful and super hardy. They also make it easy for you to be creative. If you already have a few at home, group your potted succulents to make an indoor corner garden. You can also try one of these:

  • Succulents in hanging glass bowls. If you can find lightweight bowls with built-in holes for hanging, they are excellent for growing a mini garden of succulents. On top of being beautiful, these won’t take up space either.
  • Coffee table terrarium centrepiece. Try planting a variety of succulents in a fishbowl, small wooden crate or tiered cake stand. Gardening stores should have other terrarium supplies for you to use.
  • Cacti garden in a utility cart. Here’s an idea in case you’ve grown one too many succulents at home. Transfer your mini pots in a trolley or cart with wheels. It can help save space and make watering quick and easy.

4. Fresh Air Garden

Indoor air purification is essential now more than ever. Sure, you can buy electric air purifiers, but the best way to do this is to grow greenery inside your home. Aside from absorbing harmful toxins, purifying plants can do wonders for our mental well-being.

Snake plants are your best option for starting an air-freshening garden. They can help remove carbon dioxide, benzene and xylene from the air. If allergy sufferers are living with you, these plants can absorb airborne allergens, too. So, put several pots of these around your home. They should grow beautifully at any spot, be it your bright living space or dimly lit bathroom.

5. Hanging Plant Décor

Have you heard of macramé craft before? It’s an art that involves knotting techniques to make hammock-like decorative pieces. Macramé makers often use yarn, twine, jute, hemp, linen and other cord materials. If you do not mind working on a DIY project, make a few to hang your potted plants. Use colourful ropes for added corner garden design.

In Japan, there’s also a hanging indoor garden idea called kokedama. It uses a ball of sheet moss to encase plant roots. Boston fern and maidenhair fern are some plants that thrive well with this planting technique.

Orenda Home Garden_Indoor Garden of Japanese Kokedama

6. Indoor Bathroom Spa

Have you ever dreamed of taking a shower in an indoor Eden? Why not! Your bathroom is the ideal haven for growing indoor garden plants that thrive well in humid, low-lit environments. Some of the houseplants you can grow here include:

  • Moth orchids. These tropical plants are an easy-to-grow variety. Place a pot on your vanity or group a few pots in one corner of your bathtub.
  • Fittonia plants. Aside from their attractive leaves, nerve plants can only grow up to 15cm high. They are best for bathroom windows and other tight spots.
  • Majesty palm. If you have a large bathroom, a pot of this plant can transform your space into a tropical oasis!
  • Asparagus ferns. Hanging two or more of these in your bathroom is ideal for achieving that waterfall effect.
  • Pothos or devil’s ivy. This trailing plant is very versatile. You can set one on a window sill, mount it on the bathroom wall or let it cascade from a hanging pot.

And in case you also have a large outdoor garden, make sure not to neglect it despite the cold season. My winter gardening tips should keep it spring ready.

Lachlan Grattan

When I finally have the home of my dreams, my garden and home became and oasis and a place of self-expression. I love adding touches around the house to improve the living space and garden area. It’s my shelter, after all, and I want it to be as cozy as possible. I created Orenda Home & Garden as a go-to resource for my readers who wants to get ideas, inspiration or tips to make their home better and more comfortable.